Some typical examples of Computer Based Incidents are:

  • Ex-employee attacking network or servers.  
  • Stolen computers. 
  • Virus outbreak. 
  • Unknown traffic identified and scanning network and systems. 

How will we help?

  • 215Secure will work with you in response to the incident and will offer quick and effective services that will minimize the negative repercussions.
  • 215Secure will identify hidden back doors and close down ports while providing a report on our findings and recommendations for next steps. Many times our clients will turn our reports over to local authorities for prosecution.
  • If required, our certified senior experts will evaluate and collect evidence. It is imperative that the retrieval of evidence from the hard drive or network is not compromised in any way; we will make sure that does not happen.
  • 215Secure offers forensic specialists in recovering evidence and will work to ensure legitimate files are discovered.

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