Threat Monitoring

Regardless of industry type it is critical to monitor the network to protect against attacks and interference that could jeopardize security. If networks are not regularly and closely monitored organizations would be much less likely to identify a security breach until it has already caused major damage.

215Secure has each company’s best interest in mind and offers specific monitoring solutions based on size, budget, and need.

215Secure’s dedicated team not only monitors networks for real threats but also effectively manages threat monitoring systems and, upon request, will train employees within the organization on how to continue management in order to reduce risk the of compromise. 

215Secure implements the following monitoring solutions:

  • Network Monitoring Solutions
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Intrusion Preventions Systems
  • End Point Monitoring Solutions
    • Event Based
    • Web Browsing
    • Email and Chat
    • Database and File
  • Log Aggregations Solutions
    • Syslog
    • Security Event
    • Access Control
  • Domain Threat Monitoring Solutions – Monitoring the internet for domains that are nearly the same as our clients’ company name can be critical. If a business drives revenue through its website it is quite possible that a malicious website with a slightly different domain name has been developed to mirror the legitimate website. 215Secure offers an exceptional solution to ensure the internet is monitored for email traffic related to luring individuals to a fraudulent website.

Our ability to monitor thousands of events, detect attacks, and manage solutions effectively is what separates and defines 215Secure and makes us the elite in IT Security. 

215Secure recommends and specializes in Juniper security products, and is an authorized Juniper Reseller.

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