Access Control


Do you know who is in your building? Access control systems are designed to limit unauthorized entry — to your entire premises or just sensitive areas. Many systems also generate an audit trail, so you know who entered or exited and when. Whether you want to control access by people or vehicles, we can design and install an access control solution to fit your needs and budget.


Our systems are flexible and easy to use. We make it simple to identify authorized users and to reduce risk by remotely deactivating lost credentials, disabling amenity access for delinquent residents and locking out terminated employees.


Options can include:

  • Choice of credentials, including badges, key cards, fobs and smart phones

  • Electronic locks with online or offline control for keyless entry and remote guest entry

  • EZ•Pass-style vehicle entry

  • Automated locks with or without an intrusion alarm 

  • Integrated video to help identify unauthorized users

  • Mobile apps for administrator convenience — for example, adding people, providing guest access or single-button facility lock-down


We also offer entry systems that allow visitors, guests and package deliveries to enter a lobby or vestibule while restricting access to the rest of the building.


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